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Kauai Health Spas and Yoga

A Kauai Health Spa is a great way to take care of yourself while you are on Kauai. Beach Massage, facials, foot and skin care, and sunburn relief treatments. Yoga is very popular on Kauai and you will find some great Yoga studios on the Island. Visit one of these select Day/Resort Spas or Yoga Studios and pamper yourself. Some of the best spa personnel and Yoga Instructors are right here on Kauai.

We recommend:
Metamorphose Yoga Studio
4270 Kilauea Rd. Kilauea, HI 96754

Body Wraps:

The north shore of Kauai is not only a spectacular place to stay but also a great place to receive personalized treatment for your mind, body, and spirit. At the Hanalei Day Spa you can chose a relaxing body wrap. Select an Algae detoxifying Body Wrap, Mud wrap, Anti-Cellulite, Utvartana or Ayurveda.


Services on Kauai include: Deep tissue, Shiatsu, beachside, hot stone massage, and more. See the bottom of the page for a listing of facilities that offer these treatments. Feel free to contact us and ask what we recommend.


A great way to relax and rejuvenate is to take a Yoga class right in downtown Hanalei. With expert teachers and a friendly an atmosphere Kauai Yoga can be a great activity for any skill level. Ask us for the best location near where you are staying for more details.

Yoga Hanalei Hanalei (808)-826-9642
Kauai Yoga and Fitness Kilauea (808)-826-9642
Hanalei Day Spa Hanalei Colony Resort (808)-826-6621
St. Regis Princeville Resort Spa Princeville (808)-826-9644
Marriot Resort Spa Lihue (808) 246-4918
Hyatt Resort Spa   (808)-742-1234


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